Five Craft Ideas for Kids

Fall is here and your kids are either going back to school or just starting, but what happens when they get home and are still craving entertainment? Now that you have finished back to school shopping for clothes and supplies, lunch prep, snacks and everything in between, another wave of stress sets in: WHAT DO I DO WHEN THEY COME HOME? It seemed so simple during the summer with outdoor activities galore readily available, but the fall and winter months can be slightly more challenging. Here are five fun, cheap craft ideas using cotton balls to mix up family time. Worried about not having all the supplies? Don’t stress because we have it all! Start expecting more from your online drugstore, busy moms and dads. Try these crafts today!

Cotton Balls in Paint

This  colorful craft lets you have family time while still enjoying those beautiful fall days. While fun for any age, you can also make it more educational for your younger ones by asking them to identify the colors or count the number of colored cotton balls on the paper. Happy painting!

Snowy Pine-cone Owl

We found your perfect craft for this time of year! When pinecones abound, why would you do anything else than make these snowy pine-cone owls?! Are you asking the question yet, “Does an online drugstore seriously sell what I need for this?” Well, check here and here for all your googley eye and pipe cleaner needs. We promise your kids will think this craft is a hoooot.

Sensory Collection

Welcome those snowy nights with this winter themed sensory craft. If you have any preschoolers in your house, this is the perfect way to pair education with fun for a great afternoon project. Choose from our endless selection of colored pom poms, markers and beads. Interested in mixing in some training with scissors? Try having them cut out snowflakes from this paper lace.

Cotton Ball Ghosts

For a spoooooky night in October, make these fun little guys with your kiddos. Toddlers love exploring with their hands, and what better way than stretching cotton to look wispy and creepy. Quick question, what's a ghost's favorite dessert? ...I-scream! Happy haunting!

Cotton Ball Snow Wall

Are you and the little ones already dreaming of a white Christmas? Well, now you can wake up to snow long before winter sets in with a fun and fluffy craft. All you need are some cotton balls, a bit of thread, a needle and wee bit of patience to create your winter wonderland. Though slightly more time intensive on your part, it will provide the one-on-one time with your little guy or gal you missed today. Not to mention, they’ll love looking at this every day!

4th Oct 2016

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