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Bilberry Supplement

Bilberry is a plant that produces small fruits. The dried, ripened fruit and leaves can be used to make alternative medicines and supplements. Bilberry is generally considered useful for improving eyesight, particularly night vision. The plant rose to popularity during World War II when British pilots in the Royal Air Force used Bilberry jam to improve their night vision. Bilberry extract has also been used to improve eye conditions like cataracts and certain retinal disorders.

In addition to using Billberry for the eyes, it is believed that Bilberry benefits other parts of the body as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of Bilberry make it an attractive choice for certain cardiovascular conditions, chronic fatigue, hemorrhoids, diabetes and more. Bilberry has a high concentration of chemicals called tannins. Tannins have anti-inflammatory properties so they can help reduce inflammation that causes pain. Bilberry may also help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

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