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Kids Bibs

Smart parents will place feeding bibs on their babies during meals. New parents may not believe a baby bib is necessary, but they will soon find out that bibs are wise investments. If you need new, colorful baby bibs, or if you want to give a package of baby bibs as a gift to new parents in your life, The Online Drugstore carries an assortment of bibs in many color variations. We have patterned feeding bibs, bibs designed specifically for boys or girls and bibs with a baby’s favorite cartoon characters. Styles available include drooler bibs and four- and six-piece offerings that include bibs and washcloths. All of these bibs, washcloths, and baby burp cloths are very soft to the touch and will be liked by both parents and their children. In addition to low prices, you are assured of fast order processing and shipping for all products at The Online Drugstore.