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Decorative Items for the Bedroom

Sheets, decor and more!

Designed to help you get a good night’s rest every time you lay down, our affordable decorative items for the bedroom are all about affordable luxury. From super soft polar fleece blankets that provide the warmth and comfort you require to relax to practical mattress covers that can actually help extend the life of your mattress while protecting against allergens, these bedroom décor items leave no detail unaccounted for. Stock up on super low-priced bed sheets for sale, and don't forget to add blankets, pillow covers and other bedding items to get free shipping when you spend $49 or more at The Online Drugstore.

As the centerpiece of your sleeping quarters, your bed should be well-outfitted from top to bottom. Our amazing selection of discount bed sheets includes stylishly colored sheet sets in twin, full, queen, and king size options to add a layer of polish and indulgence to your bedroom. Each set contains one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and either one or two pillow cases, depending on which size option you choose. Made from a soft and forgiving cotton and polyester mix, these 200-count sheet sets are a fine choice for the master suite, guest room, or kids’ room.

Warm up chilly nights with our cosy polar fleece blankets in green, tan, and two smart shades of blue. The luxurious yet durable fleece toppers are made with 100 percent polyester to offer a lightweight covering that traps warmth beneath the surface. Finally, ensure that your mattress is well-protected with one of our easy-to-use zippered, vinyl mattress covers. Available in a variety of colors, these mattress protectors are made from long-wearing, stay-soft vinyl that offers extra strength protection from dust, allergens, bedbugs and spills.