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Bathroom, Tub, And Shower Safety

The Online Drugstore can help you make bathroom visits safer and easier to manage for the elderly or patients that are recovering from illness or injury. Taking a bath, showering, or even just using the toilet is a momentous task for someone who is recuperating or in their later years. Installing simple and inexpensive products in the bathroom can help prevent accidents and make managing the bathroom easy again.

We provide our customers with affordable bathroom safety products, such as a bathtub anti-slip mat and a shower seat, which allows the person to sit down comfortably while still enjoying the shower. Installing grab bars or bathtub rails on the edge of the tub or on the wall can prevent slips when entering and exiting the tub.

Even managing the toilet can be troublesome for a senior or a person recovering from surgery. The Online Drugstore offers several options that can make using the toilet easy again. Elevated toilet seats attach to your regular toilet while a portable commode allows a person to use the facilities without leaving the bedroom.

Our wide selection of affordable tub and shower safety products allow you to make the bathroom safe and manageable, giving people their independence back. We offer free shipping of orders of more than $49.