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Babies and toddlers are fascinating to watch play. From the moment they are born, children are constantly learning. And once they get a grasp on the world (you know, like they know how to hold up their own heads), they begin to interact and play with the people around them. This only grows the older a child gets. Our team at The Online Drugstore recognizes the importance of play for these young minds, which is why we have a collection of toys for infants and toddlers that are age appropriate.

Infants love rattles. The sounds are exciting for them, and it’s even more fun when they learn they are in control of it. We have link toys for infants, too, which are great for the car seat because they can be adjusted to grow with your child. Have fun with your baby as he or she discovers more and more about the world every day.

Our toddler toys are so much fun! From Mr. Potato Head to the classic ring stackers, this collection will not disappoint any tot. Help your child learn shapes with a Baby’s First Blocks set that helps them fit certain block shapes into their respective holes. We also have a few bath toys that make time in the tub more fun than just getting sudsy. We even have a nostalgic Fisher Price TV radio that sings classic tunes, such as The Farmer in the Dell.

Ultimately, The Online Drugstore strives to be your one-stop-shop. Aside from toys, parents can order from our wide collection of child care products online. We have everything necessary for bath and skin care, diapering, health care, feeding and nursing, safety, clothing, and more. Shoppers who spend $49 or more throughout the whole store will get free shipping on us! We are the Top Rated National® Drugstore. We are The Online Drugstore. Shop now.