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Baby Aspirators

Stuffy noses are a fact of life for everyone, but as parents know, when babies and young children have stuffy noses, they cannot simply pick up a tissue and blow their noses. As a result, parents must use products such as baby aspirators on their youngsters to clear clogged noses. Simple manual bulb aspirators, which are available at The Online Drugstore, are a low-cost, basic method available for clearing blocked nasal passages in children. Granted, the process of sucking mucus out of a baby’s nose is about as pleasant as it sounds — for both parents and baby — but the result is the elimination of a stuffy nose, making the baby feel more comfortable. When parents must use a bulb aspirator on their baby, they should first squirt a small amount of nasal saline into the child’s nose to loosen the mucus. This will make using the nasal aspirator easier on baby. Next, you will need to squeeze the air out of the bulb. This process creates a vacuum, the effects of which will be seen after you carefully place the aspirator into your baby’s nostril and slowly suction out the mucus. After removing the aspirator from your child’s nostril, you will squeeze the bulb to blow out the mucus. Repeat the process in your baby's other nostril and both you and baby should breathe easier. Shop now for all of the newborn baby products you need at The Online Drugstore.