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Alcohol Swabs and Sterile Wipes

One of the best ways to prevent infection from invading the body is to keep BD alcohol swabs or isopropyl alcohol wipes inside the home. Clean injuries to the skin when they occur and prevent bacteria from growing inside the wound. Simply dab the scrape or cut with an alcohol swab and let the alcohol kill any bacteria that might cause infection before it starts to grow.

Diabetics should always have sterile wipes nearby to prep the skin area prior to injecting insulin into the body. Doing so with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol is the best defense to guard against infection while injecting the insulin.

Alcohol swabs can be stashed anywhere where there are active children who like to climb trees, ride bikes and play outside. Keep a box inside the home and car and be prepared for any small emergency. Arm yourself with a handy box of alcohol swabs and adhesive bandages to make someone’s day a little brighter when small scrapes occur after a light tumble.