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Create slender lines and broad strokes on brow ridges with these great eyebrow pencils and accessories from Stun everyone and make a lasting first impression with a flawless look that includes a chic eyebrow design. Follow style trends to create a beautiful, modern look with these eyebrow pencils that can add a striking quality to any face.

Special micro-mechanical eyebrow pencils featured in this collection are a great way to fill in a small section or bare area of an eyebrow. Anyone who desires fuller, thicker eyebrows can create evenly-defined brows with these high-quality pencils. They have a micro-mechanical point at one end and a brush on the other that perfectly follows the contours of the brow ridges.

Create long-lasting beauty with these pencils that are available in several shades to blend with any hair type. The pigment formulas are heavy-duty and can withstand a long day at the office or a night out.


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