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    Constipation can be highly uncomfortable and disruptive. Maintain healthy digestion with The Online Drugstore€™s fiber-filled selection. Most Americans do not reach the daily recommended servings of fiber. Our laxatives and probiotics help boost your fiber consumption and your digestive regularity. Forget those old chalky laxative supplements. We offer tasty liquid and powder laxatives in addition to our quick-dose caplets. Choose from over 100 treatments at The Online Drugstore.

    Metamucil, Citrucel and MiraLAX powders are trusted by pharmacists to provide comfortable and effective digestion. Whether you are looking for increased regularity or constipation relief, any of these popular powders are ideal. Our fast-acting oral liquids come in fun flavors. Try our cherry and lemon magnesium citrate liquids.

    For children and adults, we offer glycerin suppositories. These rectal suppositories are designed to safely loosen stool in minutes. If you prefer oral capsules, we carry a range of Ex-Lax, Phillips and Sunmark stool softeners. Each oral softener provides guaranteed fast and gentle relief.

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